Sometimes, the answer is no

People say that questions to God have three possible answers. Yes, no, and not yet. And today, I got a no where I was expecting a yes. And to say that I’m not taking it well would be putting it lightly. I’m not sure where to go from here. I wish that this was a post where I told you about how this one thing happened that wasn’t great, but then this even better thing happened, and look how it all turned out. This isn’t like that. It might be, someday, but I’m not there yet. I’m still reeling, and trying to figure out where to go from here. I know that God has this, just looked he has everything else. And I know that he has great things planned for me, because the Bible says so. I know that hopefully someday, I will be able to look back and say, ok, I see why that happened there, because it worked with Your plan, and that made way for this.
But for right now, friends, I don’t have any answers for you. To quote the Chronicles of Narnia, “onwards and upwards.” That’s all any of us can do, really, we pick ourselves back up, brush ourselves off, and start again. The whole time, clinging to God, who is with us every step of the way.
Now it’s time to make a new plan, to dare to dream a new dream. And to turn my face towards heaven.

To onwards and upwards,

How to Survive a Long Flight- Learning From My Mistakes

So let me start by saying, I am in no way an expert. There are plenty of people that travel far more than me who know about this. However, I’ve made my share of mistakes, and tried to learn from them, so I figure why not share the wisdom I’ve garnered from my errors? Thankfully, the longest flight I’ve been on up to this point is nine hours, because I get a little stir crazy trapped for long periods of time. Continue reading


Y’all. As unbelievable as it is, in less than two weeks, I am going to orientation for Law School. Yes, you read that right. LAW SCHOOL. Mama and I keep repeating it to each other, because it has NOT sunk in yet. I ordered my books on Thursday, so maybe when they come it will feel real. I didn’t apply until recently, and didn’t really think that I would get in, but I did, and now I’m going. And it starts in two weeks. Continue reading


Hello all!

Whew. It has been a whirlwind month. One month ago today, I graduated. I didn’t really have a chance to enjoy it, because we packed me up and moved me out of my room that same day, and then four days later, I was on a plane, heading for India. Yes, India. It wasn’t somewhere I was ever really planning on going, but the opportunity came up, and I jumped on it. I was there with some people from school for nine days, and what a time it was. Continue reading