Pros and Cons of Living Alone

So back in September, I moved into my very first apartment. I’d lived in the dorms for three years, and in a house with seventeen others my last year of undergrad. In the dorm, I lived on a floor with a communal bathroom, and while I didn’t have a roommate after freshman year, I was still sharing the bathroom with sixty other girls. Senior year, there were only seven other girls that I was sharing a bathroom with, and I had my own room, but all the other spaces were communal. Then, this summer, while he was taking classes, my brother lived with me for a couple of months. He’s gone back to school now, and is in his own place, and I’m back by myself. Here are some of the ups and downs that I have discovered about living by myself. Now, a disclaimer for you- while many people do not, I actually do enjoy living alone. This list might be a little heavier on the pro side, but these are just the things that I have found to be true in my life and the experiences that I have had thus far. 



You don’t have to wear shoes in the shower. (If you feel the need to do that, you need to rethink how you clean)

You don’t have to get dressed. 

       –  I’m more referring to staying in jammies, but depending on the curtain situation, you could, if you felt the desire, walk around in nothing but your birthday suit. This isn’t really sanitary, and I wouldn’t do it, but to each their own. 

You can cook what you want when you want

     –  I recently went to a going away party for a friend, and when she said that her road trip snacks for the next day consisted of fruit and nuts, I told her that I would make her some cookies. I knew I wouldn’t have enough time the next morning to make them, so when I got home a little after ten that night, I went to work. Nobody cared that I was in my kitchen, music playing at 11:00 that night. No one had to be up earlier than me the next morning. 

All the food in the fridge is yours

You can put stuff where you want it, and it stays there. 

The settings for everything are just how you like them. 

You can stay up as late as you want

There’s never a line for the shower.


There’s no one there to wake you up if you oversleep

You have to do all of the chores yourself

You have to feed yourself

It can get lonely sometimes

There’s no one else to complain to about the weird quirks your apartment has

There’s no one else to spray for bugs

  –   I don’t know about where you live, but where I live, this is a MUST. 

You have to eat all the leftovers yourself

 –    This is in the same vein as feeding yourself, but with the added bonus of mashed potatoes four nights in a row, because portion control is not a thing. 

There’s no one to also be annoyed by your clodhopper upstairs neighbors


I’m sure there are plenty of other things that I’m not immediately thinking of, but here’s just a short list of things that I’ve found about living alone or with others. For me, I enjoy living my myself, and having my own space, but I know others that would hate to live alone, so to each their own!


Until next time,