Three years ago yesterday, I did one of the scariest things I could imagine. Three years ago today, I embarked on one of the best experiences of my life. I left on Jan. 7, 2015 to go and live in London, England, for four months. Getting on the plane and flying solo for the first time, let alone overseas, was the most terrifying thing I had done. I hugged my parents goodbye at security, and then didn’t look back, because I knew if I did, I would probably burst into tears and have to be sedated. And we’d already paid for me to go, so there wasn’t really another option.

(I intended to have more pictures in this post, and might come back and add some later, but I’m having some file sharing issues.)

I flew from Knoxville to D.C., where I positively sprinted to catch my connection. I think I got there an hour early. I’d overpacked, because I always do, so in addition to the two bags I’d checked, we’d shoved most of the things that made my checked bags over the weight limit into my backpack and carry on. So my backpack weighed at least 20 lbs., and my carry on was probably at least 15 to 25 lbs. And I was stubborn, so it wasn’t a rolling carry on. Spoiler alert, by the time I got to customs at Heathrow, I was literally holding on to the strap and kicking it up the line. Get a roller, folks.

So when I got on the plane, it was packed. I’d selected an isle seat in the middle, but someone told me I was in the wrong seat, and I couldn’t figure out how the seats worked, so I got shuffled to a middle seat by the window. I also wanted an isle seat so there was only one person on my side, but that obviously didn’t work out. There were some other adventures that happened on the plane that I’ll be sharing later.

I grew more than I ever thought I would going to England. I think I was almost more ready to do a study abroad after coming back.

I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to study abroad. One of my resolutions this year is to blog and vlog more, and I really want to talk about what all I did on my study abroad. Partially so people can learn from my mistakes, but also so I can have the stories for posterity.

There were so many things that I would love to do again, or do for the first time, or do differently. I’m hoping to do about a post a week about my study abroad, whether it’s a blog or a video. The medium seems to me to lend itself better to blogging, but we’ll see how it goes.

Until next time,